Looking for a smart programmable remote

Hi there everyone,

I’m looking for a small though functional remote control, fully programmable but perhaps with some buttons already looking like they’re for a certain purpose. Let me explain;

I’ve been using a KAKU remote for my living room, with different buttons doing things like:

  • play/pause chromecast when a video is casting
  • control onkyo receiver volume
  • dim or increase lights in the living room
  • stop casting and switch to Spotify channel
  • play the latest NOS journaal (currently not working)

Right now, it works perfectly, but I sometimes I press the wrong button since there are no labels/stickers. Also… it’s horrible explaining this remote to friends “Guys, it’s the second one from the top, left row! No, left row…! Ah shucks… now you’ve turned off the lights”.

I’m looking for a small form factor remote control, all buttons programmable, but distinguishable enough so that the buttons “make sense”. The perfect version would have 2 “up down” type buttons, one large button and three or four smaller buttons, preferably with some room to write on them or put a sticker next to it (I’m not sure yet whether I’ll do this).
Something that might look like the new white Chromecast remote (not for sale individually) or the black Xiaomi remote (unsupported by homey, right?).

Any creative ideas?

Maybe one (or two) Ikea remotes? They have 9 functions each.
You can trigger flows with them and let those flows do what you’d like.

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Closest match i can think of is this one: the Remotec Scene Master.

It has 8 buttons that can be either triggered by pushing it once or twice, when held down or when released. It runs on 2 normal aaa batteries and comes with a wall mount. If i remember well there are stickers available.

Not very cheap, but also not really expensive for what you get. In the Netherlands it sells for about 45 to 50 euro’s.