Unfolded Circle Remote 3

Unfolded Circle have launched their Remote 3 Kickstarter on Friday June 22nd. It was rapidly backed by >2.500 backers, generating almost 1M€ in the first 12 hours. Early bird prices (€299 for remote+dock+IR extenders) until this Monday. They estimate delivery at the end 2024/beginning 2025.

They have a working Homey integration with a UC Homey App, allowing you to trigger any recipe from the remote.

Their Remote 2 has been out since 2023, and the software is still work in progress. A big part of the team were community developers for the Kickstarter NEEO remote - which was shamelessly sold to Control4 while abandoning the 6k private kickstarter backers. Unfolded Circle aims their remote to be a universal smart home companion, with local open API software .

Unfolded Circle Remote 3 Kickstarter

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Yep and Im one of the backers :wink:
This wil finally be my Harmony Elite replacement for when that eventually wears out or Logitech goes the server is down route.

Looking forward to this!

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It is going to replace my NEEO remote, which, a bit to my surprise, is still working (bit obviously, no new devices can be added).

Despite the software being work in progress, I hope to connect Roon, my movie setup, my Naim Uniti and my Hue lights through one remote. The ability to trigger Homey flows via the Unfolded Circle remote expands its usability tremendously.

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Yeah for the sake … I could do without any remote myself if im being totally honest. But it’s just convenient to have one remote that can (nearly) do it all.

I have high hopes for this one. Multimedia is one thing, but shutters, lights, air filtering/cooling cameras, well it can do so much more, if you invest a bit of time and love into it.
Loved to see it worked with Homey. Making even more possible :slight_smile:

And was really already eyeing the Remote Two for a month, so kinda glad I held of and they announced that Three would be a thing.

It also never gets old showing friends and family what a bit of home automation can do hahaha.

When looking at the homey ap there is only one flowcard.
Is this limit integration or is there more to be found?

I don’t own a remote yet, but from what I understood this card allows you to to trigger any recipe from the remote. Thereby making any Homey connected device controllable by the remote.
It only needs one-way communication to function, right?

I have a meeting with the founders next Wednesday to discuss improving the current Homey integration. Please let me know if you have any feedback! :wink:

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Well, it would be great if the remote is able to trigger any Homey connected device or any Homey flow: I think a lot of people would welcome the ability to trigger Homey connected Matter devices with the remote.
The learning curve of the UC remote seems to be quite steep, and being a companion to Homey will simplify that.

There will always be scenarios where a remote control is preferred to a smartphone remote; starting a home cinema setup with 4 devices for example. The UC3 remote will be a better IR trigger compared to Homey, for example.

Their new remote will operate using the same software as the Unfolded Circle Remote Two, with integrated support for the Homey WebAPI. This allows the remote to gather all your devices from Homey, enabling direct control from the remote itself.


Looks like an interesting device, has anyone tried the previous version with Homey yet?

Things I would like to know:
– What type of devices from Homey can it control?
– Does it support showing an image of what’s currently playing on my tv/soundbar as Homey does?
– Can it also be used the other way around? Like when the Remote supports controlling my TV via IR and Homey doesn’t, that Homey can tell the Remote('s dock) to command the TV to do something?
– Does it support LG TV remote commands, including long presses? (I prefer the shortest route to setting the energy saving mode, and long press settings is quicker than settings up enter, but the webos+ app doesn’t seem to support it atm)

How did the meeting go? Any news? :wink:

10 days remaining to decide for the Kickstarter…

It went great! They are planning to enhance their current Homey App with the ability to control the remote through Homey, such as controlling IR devices via Homey through their Remote or Dock.

They are also very eager to hear from our community about what features they would like to see. Please share any feedback in this thread, and I’ll make sure it gets forwarded to them. :wink:

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