Uncontrolled flashing lights: combination of logichome and fibaro 2 dimmer

i experience often troubles with light controlled by ZHC5002. This is the situation:
The light controlled by a push button and 2x ZHC5002 . I made flows that says when the light is on the pushbutton on the two zhc5002 are on, when the light is off the push button on the two zhc5002 are off. Also when the buttons on the zhc5002 are pushed the light switches on on or off ( so two flows one for off and another for on)
The problem, after a while after the restart of homey everything works a expected. Then or on its own or after switching the light on wih or the pushbutton connected to the dimmer, or one of the buttons for that lamp on the zhc’s , the light start to flash without a rythm. Only to be corrected by a restart of homey.
It happes more then 3 times a week. It is the bedroom so not many times the licht is used.
I can imagine that a loop occurs due to the latency caused by the amount of hubs or taht two ZHC’s are busy with the same process.
When i check the mesh table the two zhc’s have the most hubs.
homey version 4.2.0 app version 6.20.652
i have also a code for use by homey personell 6FC3051167

Who has a idea to help me out

some extra information;
this morning I walked around with the homey Android app open. The light was reacting good on all the buttons but in the homey app none of the buttons or light was reacting. I tried to influence it by trying to switch the light on in the homey app with flashing as a result.