Unable to switch on Philips Smart Plug from flow, on switching off works. Controlling the plug from the device screen works for on and off

Hello, I’m unable to switch ON a Philips Smart Plug from the flow, switching OFF works from the flow.
Controlling the same plug from the device screen works both ways for ON and OFF.

Anyone any idea why the flow behaves like this and how to resolve this?

Hi Stefan, do you use Philips Hue with a bridge?

Hi, yes I‘m using the Philips Hue Bridge. The flows are presence flows. A specific person leaves the house switches the plug off (that works fine), this person coming home, should switch the plug on (that part doesn’t work).
Presence detection is working fine. Switching on doesn‘t even work when manually triggering the flow.

Thanks a lot already for looking into this!!!

Hm strange. Did you test your flow? What was the result?

Testing the flows works for coming home, meaning switching ON, but not for leaving, i.e. OFF.

But I seem to have found a workaround. Rather then directly switching off the plug from the presence flow, I now created a separate flow with „when this flow is started“ then „turn off plug“ which I trigger from the presence flow instead and that seems to work fine - for whatever reason…

Anyway thanks a lot for looking into this!