Unable to save settings for Philio PAN06 Dual Switch

When I go to save a change of particular settings (“RF off command mode” or “Existence of Endpoint3”) for the Philio Dual PAN06 Dual Switch I get the circle of death followed by a red warning that the settings could not be saved due to timeout. I can successfully change settings like “Select Relay that can be controlled” or “Raw configuration Parameters” etc.If I persist in trying to change the “RF off command mode” or Existence of Endpoint3" the Philio app stops unexpectedly (with error), and I have to manually restart i as other Philio devices will not work unless it is running.

Seems to have started with the upgrade of Homey app to 2.6.0.

Homey model (Early 2018) version 2.4.1.

Any ideas fixes? I am trialing a manual fix by by setting Raw Configuration Value (5,1,3)., however does not seem to be changing the command mode to switch on light when triggered by other Group 2 inclusion (Philio sensor)

Same issue here. Any one know how to fix?