Problem with Shellies relai not switching after v0.10

Hi users,

After updating my Shelly 4PM Pro’s to v0.10, my physical switches fails to switch my Philips Hue lights. Before the update everything worked fine.

Some background information;

  • Shellies are connected with Ethernet and Shelly cloud (Connected:
  • Shellies are in detached mode so my lights have constant power with relay power on default “on”.
  • I’ve adjusted the flows after the update.
  • I’ve rebooted, restarted, reconfigured my enitre network to see if something is wrong, but cant find anything.
  • I’ve tested switching on my TV with a simular flow to check if the problem is with my Philips Hue, but the issue remains.

I’m not sure, but I think my physical switch is not sending a HTTP / WiFi command to Homey which should send a Zigbee signal to my lamps. I’m willing to hop on a call and take over my computer if someone can help me with this as I’ve been searching for 3 days now and can’t figure it out.

Hi all,

I still have the same issue that my Shellies dont switch my smart bulbs in Detached Mode. I’m willing to pay someone who can take a look at it and fix it because I’m honestly desperate.