On/Off Status In App Not Updating Quickly for Zigbee Light Switches

I have a Homey Pro 2023 and had some extra time to update a light switch today. Previously, I had an Insteon switch and using an extensive workaround, I was able to get it into Homey and used it in a Flow that turned on two bedside lamps via Third Reality Wall plugs. The problem is that it would take a second or two to work, due to the fact that it was going through Hoobs, then Homekit, then a virtual device, then the Flow.

So today, I decided to put a native Zigbee switch in, to shorten the delay. Unfortunately, after about 4-5 hours of troubleshooting, I am now stuck with a 5 second delay. Let me explain what I have tried:

  1. I installed a Jasco On/Off switch as a generic Zigbee device (there is no native or community driver). I created a flow that turned the lamps on when the switches turn on, and another flow to turn the lamps off when the switches turned off (as it turns out this actual physical switch turns off/on an outlet that I don’t use, so I have plugged a nightlight into it, to monitor the actual physical on/off status). What immediately became apparent is that it took 45 seconds for the lamps to turn on or off. Very strange. I deleted and re-added the switch to the Zigbee network but no change (I did this a few times and also tried the repair feature). I let the whole network repair itself by unplugging Homey Pro 2023 for 30 minutes. Still not solved. Then I noticed that the actual on-off status was not changing in the Homey App on my iPhone for 45 seconds. I figured there might be something wrong with the switch.

  2. I tried an Inovelli Blue switch. Same thing, 45 seconds for both the app icon status to change and for the lamps to turn off. In both cases, the night light was turning on and off instantly, which rules out a physical switch problem (BTW, I know I’m not supposed to connect an Inovelli switch to an outlet, but this is for testing).

  1. The Inovelli tracks power usage as well. I noticed that even though the on-off status was not changing on the app icon, the wattage meter was changing in about 5 seconds. So I recreated my flow, to turn the lamps on when the wattage is >0 and now it is working with a 5 second lag. Unfortunately, after all this troubleshooting, my lag is even greater than it was with my Insteon->Hoobs->Homekit->Virtual device situation. But what is interesting is that the wattage is updating in 5 seconds but on-off status reliably takes about 45 seconds. BTW, if I control the switch from the Homey Pro app on my phone, everything is instantaneous; the light switch and lamps turn on very quickly. So there is something about the on-off state of the switch not updating within Homey in a timely fashion, which unfortunately makes it useless as a controller. BTW, I have 3 Aquara wireless mini switches in Homey Pro and their On-off status changes almost instantly.

  2. I have one other Inovelli switch connected in the house and confirmed that the Homey App icon status takes about 45 seconds to change. This switch is also INSTANTLY controllable via the Homey App on my iPhone. No lag

  3. I also have a Leviton Zigbee dimmer connected. Again, using the app I can turn that light off/on instantly. However, when I turn it off/on via the switch itself, the app icon status DID NOT update. I waited for a couple minutes and it never updated.

BTW, all three switches had to be added via the generic zigbee driver.

I think there is something wrong with the generic zigbee driver that is not updating the switch status quickly. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Zigbee light switches that are natively supported, but I am assuming this is the issue. It is just that on/off status seems so basic. It is weird that I will get the wattage change MUCH more quickly. That, plus being instantly controllable via the app, also tells me that the Zigbee network is strong and that it is not a network issue (this switch is only about 15 feet away from the Homey Pro 2023 hub so it’s not that).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Can anyone confirm this is an issue? I have been searching everywhere on the web and forum for solutions and I can’t find anything.

BTW, I am in the United States and I want to stay with Zigbee if possible. I only have 15 devices on my Zigbee network.

My next step is to try to find a natively supported light switch and see if the Homey Drivers update the on/off status in a timely manner.

UPDATE: I just got home from work and the lamps and ON status happened instantly when I turned the physical switch on. However, when I go to turn the physical switch off right after I turn it on, the lag occurs. And if I then go to turn it back on again (within 10-15 seconds, the lag occurs again). I had noticed this before but I forgot to mention it above. So if nothing has been happening for a while, it responds quickly

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Last night, after extensive research, I could not find a natively or community supported USA-type Zigbee light switch. I’m sure I must be wrong, and I would love for someone to correct me, but I just couldn’t find one that is supported. I found many natively supported USA-type Z-wave switches, so I ordered one native and one non-natively supported switch overnight and received it today. I was going to try to keep it all Zigbee, but I guess there is an advantage to using multiple protocols. I will update this topic after I replace the Zigbee switch with my Z-wave switch

I got the Enbrighten In-Wall Z-Wave Smart Switch and installed it. That 45 second lag DOES NOT happen with this switch. So this solves my problem. Interestingly, the switch would not install natively with the Enbrighten app. It would only install as a generic z-wave device. Another issue, but since everything is currently working, I’m not going to worry about it for now.

Hey @Scott – just wanted to pop in and say that we just received the Homey Pro and will be working on our own app, so hopefully that will resolve any issues on your end. I don’t have an ETA right now, but I’m hoping within the next month or so as we’re trying to get up to speed on everything as well as juggle all the new innovation.

I’ll keep you posted and I’d love any feedback once we release it – fingers crossed it solves things for you!

Thank you so much. I have been really hoping that an app would come out for Inovelli devices. I think they are some the best smart switches I have ever used. I love the fact that they can be used in 3-way with dumb switches. I love the LED bar. Very cool. Hopefully the app will make it easier to set the LED bar on my daughter’s switches to hot pink (lol, right now I’m going through quite a few clicks on the configuration button to get there)

Hey @Eric_Inovelli,

Can’t wait to try the app when it becomes available. I do have a question though. How will firmware updates be done since Homey does not offer that ?