Setting up group associations on philio devices

I am trying to set up a group association between a philio multisensor and a dual switch that are located next to one another. I just want the motion/light sensor to turn on the light via zwave group (2?) in the case where homey is unplugged.
How is this achieved. Do I put the switch id in the group 2 of the motion sensor or the sensor id into group 2 setting of the switch? (Or both).
I have a flow that achieves this perfectly, however I need the light/sensor combo to work I dipendently of homey for safety reasons (the light is at the top of stairs and kids unplug homey to charge iPad etc.)
Any clues?

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teach your kids not to touch Homey or make sure Homey is also a helpful tool for them so they won’t unplug it no more :wink:

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Usually you have to set the association in the sensor since that’s the device that “steers” the other device.