Unable to pair Nanoleaf Aurora

When trying to pair my Nanoleaf Aurora it just times out…
I follow the instructions, but it just won’t pair…
Anyone else having trouble?

Hi, yes I have the same problem…

The Nanoleaf is not the most stable device I’ve tested. One thing I found out is to remove the Rhythm module before pairing the Nanoleaf Aurora. That helps. It is a known problem the developer have no solution for.

Also it helps restarting the Nanoleaf App just before you add it to Homey.

The Nanoleaf tends to drop out over time as well and removing the Rhythm module makes it reconnect quickly again.

Will there be also support for Nanoleaf Canvas? Currently I’m not able to pair using the current app.


the nanoleaf app was written from “nanoleaf” i hope they will update the app für canvas. has someone contacted nanoleaf about this topic?

Hi Rick,
We just released a new version of the Nanoleaf app which adds support for the Nanoleaf Canvas :slight_smile:

We just released a new version of the Nanoleaf app which adds support for the Nanoleaf Canvas :slight_smile:

Hi Bram,

Thnx, just installed the app again. Will try shortly!


could you please post your results. thank you

I was able to add Canvas to Homey. It works. This is great thanks!
Functionality is limited to brightness, colors and shades of whites. Will effects, rythm also be added?

Hi Rick,

Sorry, might be a little bit offtopic.
I currently have a 18 panel nanoleaf aurora that I am very happy with.
How do you like the lighting of the panels of the canvas? I have seen and read in reviews that the lightning on the canvas panels is appaling compared to the aurara.
I’m considering to buy a canvas or another aurora.


Hi Damon,

I guess it’s a matter of opinion whether you like canvas or not.

It’s true each panel shows lighting in kind of four compartments. In the middle it is visible less bright. Some seem to like this. Others do not.

I don’t own any aurora panels so I can’t compare.

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Thanks for the information Rick. WIll get another aurora :slight_smile:

Effects can be found as flow card(s) (don’t have them, but the code says so)
As effects are dynamic, and capabilities in homey can’t be dynamic (currently), this will be the only way (probably stays that way), so not in the GUI

Can not connect to my Elements :frowning:
iv had it connected but it had stopt working in Homey
tried to reset it and connected it again to the nanoleaf app
now homey doesent even find it.
anyone out there who can help me?