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Unable to install any apps

I tried to add a device today (Telldus socket), to my Homey Pro. I’ve no other Telldus devices. When trying to add the device, the UI just spins in waiting mode.

So, I tried to add the app first, but again it spins – before giving a timeout error after 10000 ms.

So, I’ve tried adding a few other new apps, but with the same result.

This is a Homey which is about six months old, with several apps and devices added, but I’ve never had this issue before.

I’ve restarted the Homey, with no luck.

Where can I start to figure out what’s going on?

What firmware version is Homey running?


I tried installing apps several times during the day, with the same result.

However, when I tried just now, it worked. So who knows what was wrong.


According to another thread Athom had some trouble with the store late Friday which they then fixed. Maybe the same happened again.