Unable to connect to Homey / Hue devices unavailable

In my case seems the Power-Adapter broken.

Only for Information (got it from Support):

Homey needs a Power-Adapter where output is 5V and at least 2A (2000mA).

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That and a good USB cable. Most Chinese cables have a very high internal resistance due to inferior materials. They deliver less amps to the device then good cables.

Darn it! The power supply was not the reason :frowning:
All my Philips Hue bridge connected devices are not working again. With original USB power adapter and cable. I’ll try with another with more than 2 amp output, but I doubt this is the reason now.

This is the errors I’m getting, in addition to “Homey is offline”.

And, just to be sure, the Hue bridge has a fixed IPadress?

I have exactly the same issue for the last couple of days!

Uit een ander topic met een soorthelijk probleem:

No. It does not. I’ll try to set s static one.

Oops, sorry, english… :stuck_out_tongue:

From another topic with a similar problem:

The same here!
Yesterday it happens 3 times and today again!

If you press on the red triangle you’ll get an error message, what does the error message say.

Also it almost looks like this started at 4.0.4. I have 4.0.2 running of the Hue app, which version do u guys have?

The problems started with 4.06.

running 4.0.6 (beta) with no issues, neither had issues on 4.0.4, so not everyone has it.

Static IP not working. Changing cables or power adapters not working. Strange if just all the Hue bridge connected stuff would fail in the “lack of power” case. Both my Philips Hue and Philips Hue ZigBee apps have the “pause” icon as show by the first picture from Osorkon.

Is there a way to check the debug logs from the apps or getting other logs from the Homey to figure this one out?

Since not everybody with the same app version suffers from it, it sounds to me that it could also be because of a firmware upgrade from the Hue hub itself? Or a combination from a newer Hue firmware in combination with the newer app versions?
Anyone checked that already?

Might be wise if everyone with the problem states the current versions of both the Hue bridge and the app version… And maybe even everyone that doesn’t have the problem…

Good idea.

Current Condition: Error with all Hue bridge connected devices. Both Philips Hue/Zigbee apps. Occasional connection problem with Homey. Uncertain if the device is off or if there’s communication problem.

Homey details:

  • Model: Early 2019
  • Version: 2.1.1
  • App version:
  • Memory: about 95% used
  • Load average: 67-39% (past 1-15 minutes)

Hue Bridge:

  • Version: 3.19.0 (7114)

I suffer the same problem. I have sent an e-mail to homey support (with log) and made a flow which restarts the hue app every day a few times. That ‘fixes’ the problem for now.

Do you have any similar issues? With Homey connection problems or pushing RAM limits?
What versions are you on? I could try a flow to restart the app my self, but I don’t really see how that would solve Homey having connection problems.

I have the same problem.

Screen shots

A restart does prevent this issue.

Homey 2.1.1
Hue app 4.0.6
Load average 102%

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I had the same issues, then went for adding static IP on my hue bridge. Seems to work for now…