U-fairy Z-wave double capacitive touch switch

I recently added a U-fairy Z-wave switch (double-switch) to my Homey.

This is a great addition because it does not require neutral wire the switch. You simply wire a bypass across the load and the controller in the touch panel gets the power.

I could only add it as a “Homey” generic device as specific app for U-fairy is unavailable.
I can now control it using Homey app but only for one switch, and that’s the switch with the bypass connected across.

The other cannot be controlled. What do I need for a multi-channel association? if that’s what it’s called?

Every device on Homey needs a driver written for it.
Drivers are part of Homey’s apps.

Check if there is an app available here: https://homey.app/en-us/apps

If there is no app available you file a request here: Homey Community App Requests
Or write your own app. More info here: http://developer.athom.com/