Generic Z-Wave dual switch

I am adding a Dual Z-Wave switch that is a generic brand (DHS) but it will only show in Homey as a Basic Zwave and only displays the switch that switches both channels not the individual channel.

Any suggestions on how to change the definition in Homey to a dual zwave generic and does such a beast even exist?

Thanks in advance.

Generic devices can only do the simple ON / OFF function of a single switch.
For more functions you need a driver-app that is compatible with the device.

There’s no app for DHS.

F.i. for this one there is an app.

Thank you for your assistance, is there a way to get homey to use one of these app’s instead for this switch. When I try add it as one of the multi switches from TKB it will just revert to the basic driver.

The switch will not work without its own app