Did I buy the new Pro by mistake?

I received my Homey Pro today and was unfortunately disappointed to see that my various z-wave devices (Inovelli light switches and my Yale YRD136-ZW2-0BP) are not supported. I went back and reviewed the sales page that clearly says it supports z-wave. I based my purchasing decision on this sales page. What isn’t present anywhere on that page is the fact only very specific integrations are supported.

For a device touted as “The Next Generation of Smart Home” I’m very surprised there is no generic integration for z-wave certified devices.

Maybe it’s my fault and I didn’t read. Can someone please point out where I went wrong?

Did you try to include it as generic (homey) zwave?
Sometimes that helps.

Crazy. All that and it was the poor UI design in the app. It says “search brands, apps, and devices” and nothing remotely close to generic z-wave shows up when you search.

Unbeknownst to me, Homey itself is claiming the z-wave brand as its own inside the app.

As a new Homey user, I can’t imagine I’d ever click on the Homey brand if I was looking for z-wave, since it’s not their product, nor was I adding a Homey z-wave device.

Thanks for your help!

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Zwave is not a brand but a protocol, e.g. a method of communication. Many brands make products that support the Zwave protocol. Zwave does define very basic standard features such as on / off, but most other features require custom drivers to decode the data that is passed through the protocol.
Therefore, the Homey Zwave drivers support just the simple standard features. For most other features you’ll need to install an app for the specific device.


So were you able to connect the Inovelli switches?