REV Ritter Wall Switch

Hi there,

I have this REV Ritter ZW WS wall switch which I tried to add to Homey as a generic device.
I think the inclusion does work but then it won’t show up in Homey. When I try to add it again it says something like “allready included”. I have to do a general exclusion to start over again.
Im not very familiar with Z-Wave and a Homey beginner (got mine last week, very exited) but I am willing to go the extra mile of “customizing” stuff. I’m no developer but network/server admin and not afraid to get a little technical.

Any ideas where to start?


Hi, your not the first one with that🤔 many times its asked, and answerd.

You need to exclude it first. So go to…

More…settings…zwave…remove zwave device. After that you can including it again.

Yes, as I wrote, I got this.

I can then include it again, after that it won’t show up in Homey. So I think there is no driver.
I think I did not make my question clear enough: Is there a way to use such a simple device like a switch without a driver? Or can I “tinker” something? Where would I start?