Can't add Z-Wave Devices

I am on Day 4 of Homey Pro - so may be missing something here.

So sorry if a dumb question.

Ok here is what I am trying to do.

iOS Homey App - latest version (as of today)
Homey 2.1.1

On iOS App
Add Device Choose Greenwave Systems/TKB Home or Homey ZWave

For Greenwave Powernode 1 select Greenwave

Press green Install

You get a white screen with Add a Z-Wave Device at top of scene with a Back Button (the same screen for add any Greewave/TKB or Homey ZWave)

Press the Inclusion button on Greenwave, or three times in 1.5 seconds on TKB 67 or 68s

They go into Inclusion mode

Then appear to connect.

The Homey app is unresponsive and remain on the white screen with a back button and the text Add a Z-Wave Device

I have had lt it run for 30 + mins no movement at all.

To be clear - each ZWave device is either brand new or Excluded from previous controller.

I was trying to start moving over the 50 odd ZWave devices across to Homey but have run into a brick wall.

The Homey is plugged into the the supplied USB PSU and is sat 15cm from the device I am trying to include.

I have tried rebooting Homey :frowning:

Any ideas ?

Just did another reboot and the devices are now in Homey Devices …


I tad worried by this behaviour right now

Just a reminder for you…… even the device is brand new, it could be needed to remove it first. Sound strange i know.