Tuya Cloud please configure app first


After some homey updates, all my tuya devices lost connection with homey. I have reset the tuya cloud development link and deleted and installed tuya cloud again. But it seems no matter what I do, I cannot connect devices again.

This message “Please configure the app first” when “Add device” - “Tuya Cloud”… It will not go away.

And I have configured the app several times.

Here I even tried to set the regional number to sweden to check if it matters.

Can someone help me with this?

I can see that there is other posts related to this problem but in other language than I know. So that will not help me much.

Thankful for any help with this problem. It is driving my wife crazy, since we have light switches that is connected to homey in order to operate the tuya lights. And now it is not working anymore.

Info about installation: [App][Pro] Tuya Cloud

One thing I notice in your screenshot is you should use Official and not Use Legacy and official.

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Like fe [App][Pro] Tuya Cloud

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