[TUTORIAL] Trigger a flow using calendar events

You can use the “Event ends” trigger and a Logic card in the AND section to check if Title of the ended event is the one you want and then do whatever you want in the Then section

Why don’t you use one of these trigger cards (When… section):
Event starts
Event starts from xxx Calendar
Event starts in x Minutes/Hours
Event ends (as Rune already suggested)
Event ends in x Minutes/Hours
in combination with the Title-Tag in the And… section instead of Elke 16 Minuten?

Btw, I would realize that with a geofencing app like Location and Presence or Connect Life360. You can also use an smartphone geofencing app which supports web hooks. Then you need no additional Homey app.

Oke, i can try that indeed, i hope it works…
Thanks for helping.

Thanks for helping me, it’s a lot of info…
I first try Rune his idea if that works for me.

Geofencing is not what i’m looking for, the flow already have to be active when arriving.

Ok, that’s the reason why you trigger the flow every 16 minutes?

Just for information. With the mentioned geofencing apps you can create several geofencing location, e.g. one for home, one for Berlin Airport and one for Amsterdam Airport. And with these locations you can do something like that:

On the way to Berlin
– Enter Geofence Berlin Airport
– Event Berlin Meeting is ongoing (or Event Berlin Meeting starts within x minutes/hour)
– Turn light on/off (or whatever)

On the way home
– Enter Geofence Amsterdam Airport
– Event Berlin Meeting is ongoing (or Event Berlin Meeting ends within x minutes/hours)
– Turn light on/off (or whatever)

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Getting issues trying to change date format.
Can’t use weekdays.
Input field convert small letters to capital letters.
Anyone else experiencing this too?

Confirmed, just tried:
DD/MM/YYYY works
DDD/MM/YYYY doesn’t
DDDD/MM/YYYY doesn’t

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This is a bug. However, you have entered an invalid pattern considering the pattern it’s validated with.

This setting is not documented good enough, almost not documented at all :grimacing:

I have fixed the bug, and will release a new version soon, aswell as better documentation!

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Do you mean “DDD, DD/MM” is not valid?

I thought it fit the criteria hehe, cause I figured I would get better info to know an event’s weekday and date more than a bunch of numbers. More specifically I would like to get the following “Thursday, 05 September”

But nonetheless, thanks, and appreciate your time.

Yes, that is invalid!

Weekday must be in lowercase, either as ddd or dddd.
Furthermore, comma is actually not allowed as a separator between weekday and date as of now, but i will add it to the next release!

The next release will contain better documentation for the Date format and Time format sections!

For now, this is what’s allowed / working:

  • DD.MM.YY (with /, . or - as separator)

  • DD.MM.YYYY (with /, . or - as separator)

  • MM.DD.YY (with /, . or - as separator)

  • MM.DD.YYYY (with /, . or - as separator)

  • YY.DD.MM (with /, . or - as separator)

  • YYYY.DD.MM (with /, . or - as separator)

  • YY.MM.DD (with /, . or - as separator)

  • YYYY.MM.DD (with /, . or - as separator)

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That’s in the examples, but when you enter ddd it is converted to DDD, and that’s invalid… and it cannot be changed into ddd again :wink:

Yes, I know. That is one of the bugfixes in the next release. And also why I didn’t mention it in the list in the previous post :wink:

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Ah I see. I read your sentence a bit like we entered the wrong ddd :wink:

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I just released v1.6.0. This should make it work better. @j_wak , could you install this version and let me know how it turns out?


Success! Thank you!

Any future plans on implementing/allowing different date formats?

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Yes, thanks!!
“ddd, DD-MM-YYYY” and “dddd, DD-MM-YYYY” both work


Any particular date formats you’re missing?
They must be somewhat pre-approved because the app parses it to find the long and short date format from it.

I get my events spoken out by Sonos, so it gets a bit long with the full date and too much numbers. The optimal end result would be “Thursday, 5 of September”.

So maybe something like dddd, DD/mm would result in Thursday, 05/September

Is that something possible even?
I haven’t gotten the chance to experiment with logic conversion/expression yet, maybe it’s possible that way too, don’t know.

How date/time format was parsed was quite old, actually from when the app first were launched.

So, i have rewritten date/time format to support all tokens (in any layout) from moment.format

This is released as a test version, could you (preferably more) install it and test if all works as it should, and give me some feedback?

I have tested it and found no problems.


Thanks m8, very nice!

it seems to work fine
Screenshot from 2022-09-10 23-47-42

Formats used:

  • With weeknumber
    Screenshot from 2022-09-11 00-13-06
    ddd, Do MMMM wo YYYY
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