[TUTORIAL][PRO] Install Home Assistant community store app, and Athom app side-by-side

Original post:
Both apps have slightly different possibilities, but overwrite eachother when installing; caused by both using the same ID: io.home-assistant

This can be ‘workarounded’ by installing the community app via the command line (a.k.a. CLI). After download, we edit a file and alter the app ID.
This way, the Athom app can run next to the community app.

  • Go to the folder where you want to save the HomeAassisant hcs app files
    I’ll just show the commands I did.
    I work on linux btw, so things might look a little different.
pd@laptop:~$ cd /home/pedw/Desktop/Homey
pd@laptop:~/Desktop/Homey$ git clone https://github.com/rogro82/io.homeassistant.git

Now you downloaded the HA hcs app files :wink:

  • Ok, go to the folder with the app files:
cd io.homeassistant
  • Now, edit the file app.json
    "id": "io.homeassistant"
    "id": "community.io.homeassistant"
    "en": "Home Assistant"
    "en": "Home Assistant HCS"

    • Screenshot:
      Screenshot from 2022-10-19 15-43-46
      This way, it doesn’t overwrite the Athom HA app!
  • Now you probably need to install Node.js: https://nodejs.org/dist/v16.18.0/node-v16.18.0-x64.msi (for 64-bit ms windows OS) ,
    or look for other versions at Download | Node.js

  • A complete guide: How to run or install apps using the command line:
    [HOW TO] CLI install method

  • When all’s set, select your Homey (when you have more than one Homey (incl. Homey cloud/bridge)):

pd@laptop:~/Desktop/Homey/io.homeassistant$ homey select
? Choose an active Homey: 1.HomeyPro Peter
You have selected `1.HomeyPro Peter` as your active Homey.
  • Now install the app:
pd@laptop:~/Desktop/Homey/io.homeassistant$ homey app install
  • When all’s going well, you should see someting like this returned:
✓ Pre-processing app...
✓ Validating app...
Warning: flow.actions['callService'].titleFormatted is missing. Specifying a Flow card's formatted title will be required in the future.
✓ App validated successfully against level `debug`
✓ Packing Homey App...
 — App archive size: 1.08 MB, 153 files
✓ Installing Homey App on `1.HomeyPro Peter` (
✓ Homey App `community.io.home-assistant` successfully installed

Screenshot of both apps side-by-side:

Please tell if something’s wrong, add suggestions, show hints etc.


Or someone creates a fork, changes the Json and uploads it into the HCS :wink:

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I really don’t know why that didn’t happen alr.

I already have a fork (as backup). I will check and make the change. Then Adrian could upload it into the HCS.
And it’s still SDK2. Let’s see what I can do :wink:

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The main problem with renaming an app ID is:
This is an “new” app. You can install this app parallel to the old HCS app. You can’t make an update and you will need to re-add all devices to the new (parallel) installed app.
But the advantage is: You can move the devices one by one and you have still the old ones to look at and test.

Yes you’ll have “to start over”, and add devices again, but I liked the advantages more!
And you problably can update it to SDk3 :pray::innocent::kissing_heart:
And with the ‘Device-Replace-Script’ by Martijn Poppen, you’ll fix your flows in a few minutes.

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Ok, I will check and upgrade it the next days :+1:


Wow, that’s cool! No hurries ofcourse and Thank you.

i can only give you one heart but i want to give you 100 hearts if you can update the app! thanks!

by the way: if you could look at the lights somehow a light doesn’t get dim function only on and off i guess the lights.* attributes got changes at the home assistant end

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Would it be ok for you to change the paitring dialog (device list) from multi selection (all deveces preselected) to single selection?
Then it’s only possible to add one device for each started pairing, but yo don’t have to deselect >100 devices first. Just a thought until Athom will enhance the multi device list.

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It’s very unpractical to deselect 500 devices, one by one, just to add one device :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I requested a long time ago for the Athom HA app, if they can add “select all” “select none” buttons to the pairing dialog. It was ‘passed on to the devs’ :grimacing:

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Yeah, I askek in Slack and got this answer - so let’s hope it comes with the next major upgrade (I think comming with HomeyPro2023) :slight_smile:

The design will be updated at some point this will be included then.

Until then I would like to change the pairing to single selection. I think that’s the most used case .


Good news! Yes I almost always add devices one at a time. They often should go in different zones anyways, so importing in ‘bulk’ seems not logical most of the time imho.

Oh yeah i favorite one device vs de-selecting 500 as wel haha

Oh, if I can be of any help, let me know (test, add Dutch translation or the like)

I added you to the slack channel

Info for new readers:
The Home Assistant community app is now updated and extended by RonnyW, and available in the app store! Ofcourse side-by-side installable to Athom’s HA app just like that :white_check_mark:


After a long search and finally installing Home Assistant with a Conbee 2 stick to solve all my zigbee problems. 40+ devices this came when called!

So I just installed both apps and they run perfectly side by side, now I can transfer everything at my leisure. Thank you so much for this update!

*changed to English, sorry

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Because this is an English language thread, please keep the English language.
Thank you very much.