Turning HUE spot back to former setting


Im doing something wrong but i don’t find out what…

  • List item The Ovens opens, light goes on. in the Off condition and in the On condition

  • List item In the former light was Off modus the former setting is easy, turn off after closing

  • List item But how do i copy the previous setting of this lamp back after closing?

  • List item How can i use the logic savings back to the HUE?

Thanks allready for your comment

I can give you some generic tips, but more useful would be to tell us what is going wrong.

  1. You used a fixed 10 seconds wait, which means that if there are state changes in the meanwhile the Hue spot ovens still turns off
  2. You do not set Oven stond aan to Ja, ever.
  3. It looks like you store Hue Ovens (dim niveau), then set it to 100% and then read the stored level and set it back right away, but I am not sure why you use JSON and not just the stored variable
  4. Ordering cards and group logic together will help solving it easier. This is a personal choice, but I use WHEN and AND cards in a left column and the THEN cards in a right column.

Hi Rrrr,

The problem is that one Hue Spot (the only one that has to change back to the former setting) is not going back. Im now trying to use the Zone Memory app als the setting is saved but i cannot let it react to the close setting of the oven.

This one below is working but i don’t find out how to put back te setting after closing the oven


This one works but when i connect it with the flow it’s not working

Grrr. Now is the other way. It saves the setting of the Hue Spot oven but it will not switch off now (LOL)

In some way the Zone Memory app saves a previous setting and is not takes the last action.

I do not know Zone Memory, but perhaps it needs a little more time to store, before your flow is already changing the lights to 90%. Are you sure it store the on/off position as well?
Try a delay block after Toestand opslaan?


im 99% sure it stores because it works well when the lights needs to go back to a previous setting in “On” status. Even when i change the scene of Hue is saves the good setting. The “only” thing what is not working is to turn it back off. The most simple action (lol) is the most difficult

You could bypass ZM (temporarily) by using three variables and see if that works.

  • Hue spot oven state
  • Hue spot oven dim
  • Hue spot oven temperature