Trigger question

This is partially overlapping another thread I have, but not quite.

I’ve used a setup where I’ve had a wall switch connected to a zwave actuator (like fibaro fg* or qubino) and trigger scenes with this. In Homey I’ve tried using a virtual device to trigger scenes without luck and now I’ve also found that using the physical switch on my fibaros and qubinos doesn’t result in an entry in the log for that unit. Triggering it by using the app does.

Example 1: Fibaro-FGD212 (dimmer 2), lamp connected to the output. Momentary switch connected to S1 (between S1 and Sx). I’ve tried the same setup (except not having a light source connected to it with qubino dimmers with same results).

  • Clicking the momentary switch will turn the light on/off. Long pressing the device in Homey and swiping all the way to the right, there’s no mention of this.
  • Tapping the icon in Homey (or long pressing it and then turning it on/off) to turn it on/off will log the actions as “Turned on”/“Turned off”.

Example 2: I have some Ikea stuff and adding a round dimmer will let me fire scenes. It will log turning on/off, dimming up/down, stop dimming etc.

Why is this? Is there a workaround for it? I don’t want everything automated 100% and I would prefer not to have to fill my home with Ikea round dimmers :wink: