Trigger on a flow started

I want to be able to see if a flow was triggered. So when the if condition was met. Even if the flow fails on any of the AND arguments. Is there any way of doing that in a generic way? So not built push messages in every flow?

You could use the Simple (Sys) Log app, it has a script in the topic to append logcards to any/all flows.

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Afaik, NO!
You need a card for a timeline notification / push message (any service) or (simple) Log

Use a log card with severity. It allows you to push or not push messages when they are received in the log.

The app also allows you to trace/filter all past logs and even export to a nice excel.

Personally I send all logs to Telegram and push only critical ones to my phone or to people’s WhatsApp.

Telegram helps me to easily go back in history on multiple platforms (phone, laptop).

PS I’m filling app/group with the name of the flow