I would like to make a flow with the app Pushover. My goal is that all Timeline notifications directly sent to Pushover. Is that possible with one flow, I mean if a new timeline entry send this text to Pushover? Or do I have to make it manually in every flow I created a timeline notification to add also a Pushover notification?

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Hi Ronny,
That’s possible (just replace Signal with Pushover):

[Origin] and [Message] are local tags.


  • Output:

Hi Peter

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YW! Your question gave me an idea. I knew about the Timeline triggercard, but never thought of a ‘passing on’ system.
Now we can log the timeline ‘forever’, to a messaging app or email app :tada::upside_down_face:

I’m curious, when the Timeline gets ‘rate limited’, would this flow still send the messages?
Edit Checked: When Timeline gets rate-limited, user input (via Flowcards f.i.) is ignored.
So the timeline triggercard doesn’t trigger the flow then.