Flow started or not

Is there a solution to see if a flow has actually started, or the possibly to get a message when they have finished running? I know you can make a card in the end of a flow that could send a message on the mobile etc, but I want to see if all cards have actually run etc. I have a couple of flows that runs at night when I’m at sleep. One of them is restarting the Homey…

You can add “Notifications” at the end of the flow. This notification will appear in the timeline on the home page.

Or you can use one of the following apps:

Ok, thanks, but how do I get what actually happened in the flow into a log? The point was to see if all cards in a flow have actually run, a detailed log of how the flow has behaved. To me, it looks like these log apps here only show what I’m telling them to show? :thinking:

That simply doesn’t exist.

Okay, but what about getting a message when the Homeyen finishes a restart? If I post a notification after a card that restarts Homey, will it be completed / sent?

No idea, but it seems to me that’s easy to test. Alternatively, there’s a trigger card for when Homey started, you can use that to message that Homey is up and running again.

There it is, thanks! :blush::+1:

Maybe it is a solution to include the relevant tags (from the “And…” section) in the log.
The first log is for logging the conditions when the flow is complete because the conditions are right.
The second log in the “And…” section but with “other” condition. In this log also add all relevant tags from the “And…” area, then you can see the conditions which did not lead to the complete triggering of the flow.

Something like this: