History in homey?

Is there sone way i can see my action history?
I mean
06:45 living room lights on
06:47 tv turn on

I try to see it with homey insight but i got lost…is there a way?

( I want it becuz i have a flow wich get disable evry day and i dont know how is it happening )

You have a few apps, like papertrails. I use the notifications. On the timeline you can see what is happening. Only the important actions for me, so not every action. You need to add an extra actioncard in your flows.

You can see on/off statussen if you force press on a device and swipe to the last panel in the mobile app.
You can use the notifications (both automatically and manual through flows) to have a timeline. Admin’s do also get a push notification of these.
You can use simple log or paper trails, which you need to specifically add to your flows.

I use the last two. Papertrails mostly to keep a log to troubleshoot. You have to fix an unstable product yourself :wink:

I think ur last idea is good
But how can i do log? How do i add it to my flow?
I want to have log for each device but all on the same page

Install the app and add the flow cards to the last sections of your flows.

ok cool! i didn’t thought on this idea !

ok so i edit some of my flow and add at the end of them to send it to the log of papertrails
but now how do i see the log ?

If you use or/else flows this becomes more useful.

You can view the logs in the app settings. But with paper trails works with syslog as well. I’m still looking for a lightweight free Mac syslog server.

I see the log in the app setting but it’s not written
its just says my name and turn on and turn off…

Ohhh now i got it
I need to add to each flow… Ok i got this