Flow history addition

Is there some place where I can add or upvote an idea that can be added to homey?

It would be great to have a complete overview of all flows that ran or are still running.

The overview can contain:

  • flow name

  • flow started by

  • flow started at date time

  • flow ended at date time

  • flow ended successfully

The flow started by can contain, Own flow conditions, triggered by device xxx or triggered by flow xxxx

This makes troubleshooting strange things that should not happen much easier.


See here

And yes l would like it

There are a few logging apps. Maybe you can do something yourself. I agree that it should be in the core though.

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You can also put a Notification card to THEN in a flow. It will appear in timeline in the mobile app.

Hi Morgan.

With 100+ flows, and several dozen starting every day, putting a message in my timeline is just a crazy idea.

Of course, it was just a suggestion. I didn’t realize you needed to log every flow all the time.

Hi Morgan.

Yes, as stated in the first post, when things are happening, you don’t expect to happen, you might not realize some flow was triggered. So an ability to see all flows that ran, it’s more easy to find out why something happened.

I have a lot of flows that trigger other flows, so things can be quite hairy. Hope this clarifies this need for a general flow history


If you add the papertrails app you can add logging to all flows, through the backup website, see Community Backup & Restore for Homey v2 and Up! [Alpha Version]. What I’d does is “just” to add a flowcard to every single flow.

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Until Athom decides this flow history is agood idea, and adds it, i will use the Simple Log app.

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I think it is a great idea and I was sur it was already in the core system how obvious it is.
I got that function in my previous system and it is really practical to verify everything is ok.
no need to have it in the timeline everyday, but some whee, just to verify everything is ok when you’re on holiday for instance.

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