Trigger Alexa Routine from Homey

I want to start an Alexa Routine, FROM Homey Pro.
I have a Remote control, set up and working in Homey,
I have a Routine set up and working in Alexa
Pressing a button on the remote, I want it to start the Alexa Routine
Any advice on how I can do this?

You can start an Alexa routine from a Homey flow using the Alexa app:

You just need to connect the Homey app to any Alexa device and that will expose all the Alexa routines.

If your remote can start a Homey flow, that’s all you need.


Big thanks! Worked. I have had the Homey skill activated in Alexa, and the Alexa app in Homey - voice controlling everything from Alexa. But, until now I have NOT had the echoes themselves connected to Homey. Now I do, and what I was looking for is now working!