Transitions — Flexible time transitions

Thanks for your work @robertklep

Sharing my Sonos Fade-in / Fade-out flows, based on the transitions app.

1.Trigger flow:

  • Flow being triggered and based on the volume level will trigger either the fade-in or fade-out flow

2.Fade in flow:

  • Start fade-in transition, with input: 0-0.1, 30s, 3s; volume level from 0 to 10% (0-0.1), in 30 seconds, 3 seconds per step

3.Fade out flow:

  • create a Better Logic variable (Sonos-Fade-out) to determine the transition duration based on the actual volume level (tag). I used 200x the volume level. ie. a volume level of 15% will use a transition duration of 30s.
  • Start a transition with input '# Set volume' tag - 0, 'Sonos-Fade-out's, 1s; start level the actual volume level of the Sonos speaker, and duration defined by the BL variable Sonos-Fade-out.

4.Actual updating of the Sonos volume level

  • Drag the # Value tag of the “Transition changed” trigger card over the slider of the “Set volume” action card

5.Stop playing once the transition is completed and volume level = 0

Flows 1-3 can also be combined into 1 flow, taking away the separate flow triggers. But in this case, I also trigger the same flow 2 and 3 from other flows (e.g. my wake-up flow triggered by the coffee machine)…