Top or flop

This is a topic where everyone can share there experiences with devices for Homey. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter.
I’ve chosen English so everyone can follow.

There are many topics about pros and cons, including several bashing Homey topics. Don’t see what this topic would add to this forum. Is there a certain question? Or problem?

Let me be the first one!
I have Homey for a few months now, and I what I enjoy most of all is the freedom. You can automate just about anything, as long as you are creative enough to think of the right flows. I’m slowly automating more and more, and I notice that I already got used to the ‘older’ flows.

Biggest downside for me: There is still no back-up, that’s #1 on my wish list

Top, very happy with it.

I agree about the backup.
And would like to that it might be usefull to be able to group flow to just one line in the homey app.
I use flows as actions which makes it harder to follow.