Yesterday the clock in my Homey suddently stopped working!? Its been working fine until yesterday?
All my flows are working when I test them but when the time is in nothing happens.
For example the bedroomlamp at 06:30 doesn’t light up. But it works with the app.
I tried to create new flows to test but still everything works except the time!?
I tried to restart, still didn’t work?
Please help.

Have a look at https://developer.athom.com/tools/system scrol down to “dateHuman” and see if this is the right time. If not then check the “timezone”. If this is wrong, you have to change the Location in th SmartPhone App : More - Settings - Location Find my Lcation.
For a lot of problems it is advisible to PtP (Pull the power-plug for 15 minutes, then re-insert the power-plug and wait 20 minutes to let the system start-up again.

Thank you very much JP!
Problem solved! :blush: My Homey though it was in Africa for a while!


Be glad it wasn’t China, then you probably had a virus now. :laughing: