"Timeout from app" how to diagnose?

How do we try to work out what’s going on when devices of a certain type have a red triangle and tapping them shows"Timeout from app" ?

This happens every so often for me for Fibaro devices, and this morning for both Fibaro and Aeotec.

Restarting the app doesn’t work first time. Sometimes after 4-5 times it works. Other times it takes a full Homey restart, which itself rarely works first time (monthly 3-5 times)

Is there some kind of log where we can see what’s causing the crashing and hence how to avoid it?

Recently experienced this. At first I thought it was Zwave not working as it appears all my Zwave switches are having “timeout from app” too but my fibaro roller shutters are working fine. Maybe check the developer page on the Zwave side as I can still see my Zwave network seems to be ok as my fibaro are a few hops from my mco switches. So not sure what’s causing this timeout.

I sent support request to Athom. They said Try v5.0 and report back. So far I haven’t experienced it in the last week or so, but typically this happens to me infrequently (every 2-3 months). Let’s hope something cured it, but would be good to know how to diagnose it properly