zWave Heal help

I’ve been having zwave issues recently with some of my MCO switches and fibaro roller shutters.

Around 2 weeks back after updating to the latest stable firmware, I’ve not been seeing my switch and shutters working properly. Checking the developer page, I’ve seen the device has become unreachable.

I had tried the 20min PTP, and waited 2 day for the mesh to rebuild but it isn’t improving.
I seem to have an orphaned node (node 16 that is link to node 33-35) that is not in my node map, and some direct nodes are not reachable… Pressing the heal/test/basic on off either returns a network request failed / request timeout / node xx is unreachable .

It seems some nodes just cannot be reached even when it is just beside a working node…
There is nothing wrong with the switch as I can still use it physically and one odd thing I notice is those nodes that are unreachable by homey still works with the association groups that I’ve set with other switch on the other end of my home from homey.

The same for my roller shutters, one that is jumping the hops appear to work but the other 2 just right beside the working one (node 59-61) connected to homey direct isn’t. Waking the shutter by pressing the button to pair it repeatedly doesn’t seem to make the mesh rebuild as the zwave map still shows the same path.

I’m thinking how best to fix this?
I’m hesitant to remove and repair the device because I have to rebuild the association.

Does shutting off the power at the mains for the switches and roller shutter force a zwave rebuilt? If so a 10min power off should suffice?
Or is there a safer way to force the zwave heal?
Clicking all the options in the developer zwave page doesnt work. I’ve tested heal, test, send basic and the problem stille exist.

i have only the problem of unreachable but when i test is the connection is repaired.
also tryed to add (only fibaro) zwave unsecure but have the same problem unreachable