Not possible to heal z-wave anymore

The Heal command can no longer be run. I get the error message “Timeout after 5000ms”. However, the same node can be reached at the “Test” command.

It actually does work, but Athom lowered the timeout on the developer pages (pretty much all their web GUI’s have had their timeout lowered) from 30 seconds to 5 seconds (probably because it pretty much locks the page until it finishes), a heal command takes longer then the 5 seconds before the “finished” command comes back (most of the times), so it will timeout on the webpage before the heal command gets (confirmed) finished.

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Caseda, do you mean the heal command ‘can’ actually finish just fine without any ack in, say, 20s, except the page is just not gonna wait for more than 5s for an ack?

Exactly, I believe it is just a single command towards the device to renew the neigbouring table, that takes like ms (milli seconds), the “ack” is just nice to get back, not mandatory. (that is for any command in Z-Wave btw)

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Thank you, I believe you :slight_smile: , but in the past it has worked and I see no difference after a heal command now. I did that before …

What difference do you expect to see? (Besides the confirmation)

Sometimes you have to refresh the page after the command, to see the result.

Yes, and I do not see any difference when I refresh (but my network maybe is very stable…) :slight_smile:

I’ve had trouble following the responses on this thread. Does it mean z-wave healing does not work with

Or does it mean it should work but the web page won’t show it?

Either way, I have now two nodes that have become ‘unknown’. Clicking 3 dots then “Test” shows “Node is reachable”, but “Heal” produces “Timeout after 30000ms”.

What should I do to repair it?

As far as I know, only the web pages times out after 30s;
if all went well the actual Heal command should be able to finish if it takes longer than 30s.

Thanks for the reply. So if after, the heal attempt, time-out and refreshing the page it still says “unknown”, the heal just failed? Is it worth trying again (multiple times)?

Sorry, don’t know much about z-wave. I only wanted to point out that this time-out message can create a lot of confusion

A heal command can take several minutes to finish up (depending on the size of your mesh, and amount of battery devices) in that particular powered device.
As the heal command is just a “flush neigbouring devices table” command, and after that it will have to rebuild it again, which can take time especially with battery devices as those are asleep.
The timeout occurs (it is actually just 5 seconds, not 30) is just for the “ok i’ve received your message” back, as it is an expensive (compute wise) thing it can take a while for the device to send it back.

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Thanks for your reply. So if after several hours and several attempts it still shows ‘unknown’, should I assume something in the healing process is broken / buggy or that there is something about the devices / setup that are broken/ not allowing it to heal? (The 2 devices are mains powered)

Do they work?

Is the device itself Unknown, or the route?

Good question. I’m not sure how to tell. In the main devices UI it shows like this:

i.e. "device unavailable’.

It’s a Fibaro relay. And while the device works, i.e. the lights can be switched on/off manually through relay, Homey apparently can’t control it

In the they appear like this:

i.e. " Unknown Node". I don’t know whether this means it’s the device or route which is not known.

…and as you can see, two are shown, whereas only one is shown in the devices UI with a red triangle against it. I’m not sure what the second one is because a search for this specific node IDs (zw_node_id “21” & “5” in produces no results, and the node ID is not visible in the settings for the specific device in the devices UI.

Also, perhaps worth mentioning that as soon as the page is loaded this comes up in the bottom left:


Device unavailable (invalid node) = Homey lost contact with the device completely (or at least enough to not know which node ID (unique device identifier of the Z-wave chip) belongs to the device instance in Homey), if an PTP for 11 minutes doesn’t work, the only remedy is unfortunately to re-include the device.

Unknown node = a device that failed to include, shouldn’t have anything bad for Homey or the device, not related to your current issue.

Unknown on the route (which isn’t there in your case) means it just doesn’t know the route since last restart of Homey, and will display “unknown” in the route column.

In the Web App UI you can check the NodeID as follows:

  1. Mark the device
  2. Click on the :gear:
  3. Scroll down to Z-Wave Device Information. There you can find the NodeID of the device, but it’s named Device ID

An Unknown Node can also remain, when the exclude procedure failed.

@K_S, to delete an Unknown Node go to Developer Tools → Z-Wave click on the three dots at the end of the row of the unknown device and than on Remove. If Remove is greyed, click on Test until Remove is clickable.

[object, Object] is a known behavior (bug?).

Unfortunately That’s missing for this device. It shows only this:

I’m curious to understand why it has got to the stage where these devices needs deleting and re-adding. They were working for more than a year, and no attempt has been made to remove the devices. So why are they now unknown/invalid and why is heal not working? They’re mains powered, each in deafferent, each near 4 other mains powered z-wave devices…the relays themselves work manually… What kind of instability is causing homey to not find after some time?