Not possible to heal z-wave anymore

The Heal command can no longer be run. I get the error message “Timeout after 5000ms”. However, the same node can be reached at the “Test” command.

It actually does work, but Athom lowered the timeout on the developer pages (pretty much all their web GUI’s have had their timeout lowered) from 30 seconds to 5 seconds (probably because it pretty much locks the page until it finishes), a heal command takes longer then the 5 seconds before the “finished” command comes back (most of the times), so it will timeout on the webpage before the heal command gets (confirmed) finished.

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Caseda, do you mean the heal command ‘can’ actually finish just fine without any ack in, say, 20s, except the page is just not gonna wait for more than 5s for an ack?

Exactly, I believe it is just a single command towards the device to renew the neigbouring table, that takes like ms (milli seconds), the “ack” is just nice to get back, not mandatory. (that is for any command in Z-Wave btw)

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Thank you, I believe you :slight_smile: , but in the past it has worked and I see no difference after a heal command now. I did that before …

What difference do you expect to see? (Besides the confirmation)

Sometimes you have to refresh the page after the command, to see the result.

Yes, and I do not see any difference when I refresh (but my network maybe is very stable…) :slight_smile: