Not possible to heal z-wave anymore

Its power supply?

Interesting thought. Is there a way to diagnose this? Or just try other ones with at least as much rated power? (I’ve read here variously, people have had to change theirs from factory supplied when homeys have been dead, and have done so myself, but is there a better way than trial and error?

There’s no (easy) other way than through trial and error. But if you already replaced the original one for something else, it’s not likely that it’s the power supply (unless you replaced it with something of equal bad quality).

@K_S, have you already done a PTP as suggested by @Caseda?

Regarding the power supply. I would use a power supply from a well-known manufacturer with at least 2.4 A. Then you should be on the safe side.

Regarding the Fibaro devices. It could also be that these devices are broken. But I guess the only way to find out is to delete the devices and try to include them again.