Timed shut off if a device is off


I’m having problem with making a flow work.
I want homey to turn off two smart plugs at 22.00, but only if my yamaha amplifier is turned off.
I turn off my amplifier at 21.20 and I don’t turn it on for the rest of the evening. Then homey should turn the smart plugs off.

At the moment I can only make it work if I turn off the amplifier after the slotted time.

Any ideas?

Try something like this:

  • WHEN
    • it is 22:00
  • AND
    • the Yamaha amplifier is turned off
  • THEN
    • turn off the smart plugs
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I’ve tried that.
What happens is that I have to turn off the amplifier after 22 to make take affect.

If I turn off the amplifier before that time, it doesn’t work.

If your plug can measure power consumption you can do:
When 22:00
If power less then (stand by power consumption)
Then turn off plug.

Have you tried switching the conditions?

i.e. WHEN amplifier is off AND time is later than 22:00…

Btw on Homewizard, they had the same problem but they implemented a checkbox “evaluate at start” years ago which was very easy to use.

If switching conditions doesn’t work, try setting a variable and change it with flows to reflect the state of amplifier, then use AND variable is equal to…

Hey! I tried Alpol’s advice and that worked!

Thanks for your help all of you!