Turn off device when all variables triggered at the same time

i would like to create the following situation.
doe anyone know how to fix this?

  • When i turn on my homeplug
  • then start the flow

when the variables met the following conditions at the same time:

  • curtains 1 are closed
  • curtains 2 are closed
  • time is between XXX - XXX
  • lights kitchen are turned off
  • lights living are turned off
  • television is turned off
  • then turn off the homeplug

i thought it was simple, so i created the following flow ( screenshot) , but this dont work, because during the day maybe the ligths and television are turned on or off
when the “and” variable is triggered once, it doesnt get “untriggered” when turning off a device.

The flow you have showed over here does not do anything, only checking if it is trough or not.
It does not turn of any light or closing any curtains.
Is that how it should work?

This flow is only triggered by putting your plug on.
If you want to trigger when a curtain is closed.
Your flow should start with: when the curtain gets closed.

As others have said, the AND conditions are not triggers, they are only checked when a WHEN condition occurs.

No, I will turn on the homeplug manually (trigger)

If all these conditions are met , then the homeplug turn of automatic

There are a lot of chargers connected to this homeplug , and they will use much energy .

This flow is just because I forget (or am to lazy) to turn off the homeplug

So everytime I turn on the homeplug, it will be automatically turned of when I’m going to sleep

( Most of the time is this when the lights and television are out , curtains are closed, and it is at night)

I tried that,

But when e.g. a light is turned on, and later turned off, the AND condition for that variable is already triggered, it will not get " untriggered" or is there something I doing wrong ?

I would like to turn off the homeplug when all conditions are met at the same time

As I say, AND conditions are not triggers, they are checked once when the WHEN condition occurs. So your flow will only switch the socket off if all conditions are true at the instance you turn it on.

If you want to switch it off later when one of the AND conditions change, then you will need to add those capabilities as triggers as well as AND conditions.

So, add a new WHEN to the flow for each AND capability and hook it into the block of AND’s. This is where the ANT card can make the flow look a bit cleaner.

A quick example: