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Manually triggering a flow does not work as expected

I have created two flows (well, more, but two that matter to this issue). One is triggered at 23:00pm, in the secondary conditional it checks whether it’s a weekday. It then turns off all the lights. The other is triggered at 01:00am, checks whether it’s a weekend and then turns off the lights.

By them selves, these work as expected. But when I start the flow to turn off those lights manually, it appears that the secondary conditional is checked, so I need to start the first flow on weekdays and the second flow in the weekend. This is undesirable, since I don’t want 2 shortcuts on my Homey homescreen and also, don’t want to have to explain to my better half why there are 2.

I can’t remember whether this behaviour has always been like this, but I would expect a manual trigger to always just run the action part of the flow.

That button only “replaces” the IF column’s trigger, it will still check the conditions, it in actuallity just the test button.
You could if course make a 3th flow for your manual trigger button

Good thinking… At least almost :joy:

On Monday till Friday at 23u00 the lights turn off, and on Saturday and Sunday at 01u00… So for the Friday evening you are absolutely sure the light’s are turned off … twice…

The Sunday evening the lights stay on till Monday 23u00 or you put them off manually.

I would create two flows, the second is started (from flow or favorite’s) and without condition turn all lights off.
The first flow triggers on 23u00 and condition weekdays (or day between Sunday and Thursday incl.) then start second flow, else start second flow with an delay of 120 minutes…
Only thing this won’t work perfect if you restart Homey on Friday or Saturday between 23u and 1am.

Only pin the second flow on your favorites.

I like to keep my flows flixible. So created 3 flows:
1 flow that turn the lights off, its triggered by a virtual device “going to bed”. This device is also used to manually turn off the lights.

2 flows that set the time to turn off the lights:
1 23:00 AND sun-thu THEN switch off the virtual device (trigerri g flow 1)
2 01:00 AND fri-sat THEN switch off virtual device

I use the virtual device “going to bed” also to trigger several other flows
This way I can easily change the desired bedtime just by changing 1 flow and still have multiple flows started at “going to bed” time

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