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Should a flow check if a device is currently on before turning it off?

If I have a a flow that says:

Something happens

Turn off this device

…and the device is already off, my experience has been that the device remains off, but is there actually any merit in checking if the device is on first? i.e.

Something happens

This device is on

Turn off this device

Does Homey get confused / use more resources if the device is already in a state that it’s being asked to change?

Or does it make no differece?

There is an advantage is checking first: less wireless traffic.
Will you notice?? Not sure…


  • I like to check before sending, to keep trafic low
  • I prefer to disable flows that can be triggered often (lux motion) instead of checking with an AND. To keep,homeys activity low

Some devices don’t update their status to Homey when they are switched manually, in that case, a check is not handy, so if you want to be sure the device is switched, then don’t check. The use of extra resources is minimal.

What do you mean by disabling? You disable a flow when the light is on?

Its in case I have flows that start with a IF card with
If motion is detected
If lux is changed
If temp is changed

When The flow shoul not be used I disable it
Instead of using an AND card to verify.

For example:
A flow that switches off the lights in my livingroom when its light.
I disable the flow until the sun has risen.
And not use the AND “its after sunrise”

Dont have the impression homey is running low on resources.
But no trigger is better then trigger but no action even if its not limiting…
(So many ways to program flows :grinning:)