This card is unavailable


Since update to 2.0 I’ve a lot of flows with unavailable cards !

There is “no” problem (what a shame) for me to remake them but I really don’t remember what every “unavailable cards” are talking about ! When I clic on them, I have no more info (app, device,…)

Any solution for me ?

Here is example but half my flows have unavailable cards… I already miss my old version…

It took me a while after updating before all of my apps and devices were available, maybe a little patience? Or did you update before this morning?

I’ve updated today (@ 1pm) !

Maybe I’m going to wait and reboot when I’ll be at home before remake every flows :slight_smile: It’s so sad there is no “clue” in the “Card URL” to identify what’s device we are talking about…

You can’t find any devices that are “broken”?

Sorry for making loose your time guys the problem was… just… me…

Thanks anyway !