Cards that have become unavailable... solve the mistery

When a card becomes unavailable it would be great to see what the functionality was. Currently I have to re-invent my flow almost which is not very friendly.
A simple picture of the former card or textual information would suffice.

I noticed this because suddenly one of my Sonos devices disappeared.

Did the card disapear or is the card not working? Because if its the last you can click on the card to see the id of the card and most of the time you get an idea about what the card was. Also when you have a device that is removed or a card that is removed there are triangles next to the flow. But to keep it short. It would be indeed nice to have a notification that flows broke because something is unavailable.

The app (v1.5) used to show it, strange its gone.
It often helps to restart the app related to the unavailable item.
But then you need to know the related app…

But when clicking the Card which says “Card unavailable” shows a tiny bit of info aye?


It got invalid because the hardware got changed somehow.

And indeed, clicking on a card gives a tiny hint :slight_smile: