The main zone is still active

Hi, I have Homey Bridge and I have a problem.

I have inactive zone status in all rooms, and the main zone shows active all the time.

The problem is that because of this I can’t get the flow “when I strafe inactive since …”

any ideas?

Is there a motion sensor / door_window sensor / cam etc. in Main Zone which keeps it’s alarm state active?
B/c that would keep the zone active as well.

I am sending a screen from the whole house, see all rooms are not active except the main Home and I have no motion detectors, etc.

Ah, are any other zones subzones of ‘Home’?
Because zone ‘1. Salon’ for instance, is / was just active (Balcony window switch)
If a subzone is active, the main zone is too.
The cams activate your zones as well.

I don’t know why ‘Home’ is still active. Doesn’t it become inactive after x minutes?

I have all sensors, except for the three excluded from zone activity, these are motion sensors.

I have nothing more from the devices and the zone, as it was active, is so and it does not want to turn off; (

I think I found the culprit, in the developer settings I found information that my homey did not format to the factory settings and there were old z-wave devices, they probably pretend that something works …

The worst thing is that when I test, Homey shows that the connection is correct and I cannot click the Remove button; (

Any ideas?

Are you sure Homey Bridge has this option, I don’t see it?

Removing all z-wave devices, then ghost devices and deleting the entire homey bridge account and setting up a new one to a new email address helped. complicated but it works

Glad it’s solved. I forgot you have a bridge :grin:, the zwave hints are from a Homey Pro :crazy_face::hugs:

My joy did not last long, I have the same problem again; (