Test Flows no longer working?

Hi All,

Since a factory reset of my Homey, struggling to get my flows working and also the test of flows seems to give me some issues …

Did a factory reset after I started to get a sql-Lite error in Insights …

After this I initially tried to restore a backup which didn’t work out at all, homey rebooted and stayed dead after the turning orange LED circle…

Now I am having the issue that I can see my sensors and create flows again after adding them from scratch … however a simple flow which worked flawlessly before now seems to give me some challenges. Trying to test it through the Web interface doesn’t do anything and is also not giving any error …

Flow looks like this

Your help would be appreciated in getting this resolved !

You also don’t see any green checkmarks or red stop signs appearing when you test?



Indeed, no green check marks appearing at all whatever value for the humidity I fill in :frowning:

Any idea what is causing this ?

Perhaps the SQLite errors were a sign of bigger issues, like the internal storage failing :grimacing:

SQL-Lite errors were caused by a faulty power adapter … would assume a factory reset resets/reformats all the rest ?

I don’t know if a factory reset performs a full reformat. You would expect that it does, but without confirmation from Athom that it actually formats the eMMC, it’s just a guess. Even so, eMMC’s can fail on a hardware level too.

Okido tnx Robert,

Have raised a ticket with Athom …