Test button does not work?!

I have several flows where the change in temperature or temp within a range is the trigger for a flow (running a fan). Previously I could nicely test the flow by manually entering different temp values using the “test button”. However, since a couple of weeks, the test button does not work in these flows (but in other flows where the trigger is, for instance, a motion alarm, door sensor).

Anyone had the same experience and may have a solution of explanation??

I see the same “problem” on some of my flows; pushing test seems to do nothing except that the test button grays out for a little time. No green or red flags on the AND cards to indicate whether or not a card is valid. On other flows when I push test I can see green or red flags to indicate whether or not the cards evalutate to “true”.

Your description is exactly as my experience. If I see any other connection with flows that the test button works or not is that the malfunctioning test option all have a temperature sensor (any ) in the flow

I just came across of one of my flows that has an OpenWeatherMap card in the IF part. (Azimut changes).
I’ve seen others too but don’t remember which. It’s not likely that it has anything to do with temperature change in my installation as I don’t believe I have any triggers on temp.