Flow not starting


can anyone tell me or explain what im doing wrong here?

flow doesnt start auto. temp. is less than 22. and still not trigged.

This trigger will fire only once if temperature goes from above 22 to below 22.
You should better use “temperature changed” in combination with “AND temperature <22” if you want to react on every temperature change below 22°.

thanks, something like that? because there is in “AND” no card with “when temp. becomes less than”…

Yes, that’s a way. The trigger is only “a short moment” like temparature change abd is executed for every change.
As AND condition you can check the current value - like you in a range or only lower/greater.
So your flow is executed for every change while the temp in in the checked range.

You can also use the logic for the 2nd card, see picture
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