Flow not working questiin

Hi All.
I had a flow to partiall close my blind. The flow was… if lux above 6000 and temp was above 25 and it was after 1pm say closing bedroom blind and dim blind to 90%.
This worked but randomly after it would repeat the speech.
So i changed it to … if the temp is over 25 and lux+time etc.
Now it doesn’t work at all.
Any know why please?

And what does the flow says when you use the test option? Gives it red marks …?

No…passes the test ok.

seems like you lux tag used is invalid, as it is empty now (just a green circle), so that it passes with a test is weird.

I see what you mean. So i fixed the tag. But it still doesn’t work :dizzy_face:

Ok. So i went back and changed the ‘when’ to lux and its working ok.
So why wont it work for temp?
I would really like the ‘when’ to be “after 1pm” but that doesn’t seem possible!??

Are you sure the Lux sensor is working?
Maybe just take a look at Insights.

Wel check is temp trigger is working!! does it changed?

I believe both sensors are working.

Sorry…how do i do this?