Tapo TP-Link Smart plugs, energy monitoring

I bought some Tapo TP-Link P110 smart plugs, mainly to use for energy monitoring but I have been unable to get the energy monitoring working with Homey, I can see and control the switch but nothing shows up for the energy. I can see the energy usage in the Tapo app, but that only gives me an update of the energy being used right then, plus a daily figure, I was hoping to get a proper graph of usage in Homey Insights.

Does anyone have any suggestions, possibly certain brands use different methods for the energy monitoring and not all are compatible with Homey?

I am currently using the “TP-Link Smart Devices” app in Homey, as there only seemed to be a choice of that one or one designed for a specific brand of TP-Link devices that required an account with that brand.

Alternatively, can anyone recommend some energy monitoring smart plugs for the UK that work correctly with Homey, including insights? Don’t care which protocol they use, and the cheaper the better!


The App TP-Link Kasa Smart App for Homey | Homey
is specially from Athom for Homey (beta)
For Homey Pro you can also use teh community developed app TP-Link Smart Devices App for Homey | Homey
but both don’t support the P110, you should Ask Athom to provide support for them.
I have both app sin use with a HS110,

Just look in the App store first before you buy something, there is a variety from NEO , Fibaro and many others working.