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<TAG> is “Number” lower


I’m trying to get homey to know when i wakeup
I have an switch with an energy meter

So when the phone is in the charger the total output is 18 watts

If the phone is removed it’s 13 watts

So the charger is 5watts

Now my idea was:

Time is between 6:00 - 9:00
Energy is 5 lower

But how do i do the 5 lower

I made a logic card and around 05:00 i send the current output to it

But how can i say:

Energy is 5 lower then logic-card ?

I can only say lower but not how much lower ?

So the charger is 13 watts instead of 5 watts.

If you make a card with when charger is 13 wats then…….

Thats not possible because it’s not exact, both mine and my girlfriends chargers are there

Mine is -/10 watt (Belkin dock)
Her’s 5 watt (Apple charger)

So i need something like

If current power is 5 watt lower then …

Then try with 2 logic cards. 1 is lower then. And 1 higher then. Thats the way i did it


hmm now i read that you want it with 2 phones, may need some calculation with nummeric variable. But how wish i could help you.

To act on the change of luminance I use the following, should be the similar for phones etc: