Energy in flow, but for a certain amount ofo

I have a device that has a weird energy use. It’s sometimes high and low but for a short amount of time. It isn’t viable in insights (because it reports on the minute) but with Papertrails I’ve been able to log those fluctuations. It reports that within the minute it goes below 1 and up to 100.

Is there a way to replace this flow with something like that?

This =
WHEN energy changes
AND energy is below 1W

That =
WHEN energy changes
AND energy is below 1W for 1 minute

Make three flows:

WHEN energy changes
AND below 1W, timer is not runing
THEN start a timer of 1 minute

WHEN enegry changes
AND above 1W and timer is runing
THEN stop timer

WHEN timer is empty
THEN do you thing