Create flow when a device's current is between 2 values for a certain period of time

Hi there,

I would like to crate a flow based on the following parameters:

  • power current used by a device is between 1.8A and 2.2A
  • in a time period of about 10 minutes

anyone has an idea on how to achieve this?

If you own a Homey Pro, this is a way to achieve it, Martijn. And welcome here!

This is also possible when using standard flows, you’ll need 2 flows:
1 for the power change trigger
1 for the timer finished trigger

Oh, and this is how to find the right tag of a device
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 19-54-20

Thanks very much! I’ll give it a try.

Some questions:

  • What happens if power is fluctuating between 1,8 and 2.2?
  • What happens if power is between 1,8 and 2.2 for a minute within 10 minutes?

And are the answers what you want/need??

Don’t know yet. It’ll need a bit of testing and tweaking.

Good point. I think an additional “amps within range” YesNo variable needs to be set, which then drives the timer. This eliminates the fluctuation triggers.

Nothing I hope :sweat_smile:
What did I miss?

If you need a translation, please let me know.

You are using Pause where I think you could better use Stop (As DirkG)

Doesn’t matter if Pause or Stop is used when we start the timer with the “Start or Replace” card.
It’s a different story when one uses “Start or Resume” card. But we don’t in this case.

I still don´t understand the where this is related with the above

This works for me, the variable now controls the timer as in-between

My mistake :slight_smile: because of the use of the Pause and not seen the use of the start or replace, I was thinking after the pause the time would continue. So that the timer could reach 10 minutes separated over time.

But indeed you use the start or replace so nothing unexpected will happen.

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