Start flow with parameters


I’m trying to create an advanced flow, that will put a device in a mode for specific time. The action (THEN) requires a DATE format. I’m planning to set the DATE to 1 week from when the flow is activated.

Do I need to use script? In that case, can someone help me in the correct direction :slight_smile:

Hi @KHaugen ,
I do not understand, what you want to achieve. Perhaps any of the Timer Apps (Timer, Countdown timers, Countdown, Chronograph), could help (Start Timer with 7 days or similar) or do you need something like Better Logic Library, which calculate with dates ( I thought so, but I did not use it myself)?


Its the flow card (Turn on sleep mode from DATE to DATE) from the app OSO inCharge App for Homey | Homey

How do I create a flow with dynamic date (from now to now+1week)

Isn’t it a better idea to ask the app developer how that flowcard has to be used?
Support links are on the app page you linked to.
But here you go:

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Working with dates in the future is not common and very few apps support this.
Even if you find an app that requires or supports this, perhaps ask yourself the question if it is really a date or another time variable that you want.

If you can say a little bit more about the use case, perhaps we can help you better

You can use the Advanced Triggers app to pass a date as number(milliseconds) and that can be converted back into a date with Better Logic Library.
Question still remains on how you wish to use that date tho, since at the end it is just a number or string/text.

Can you chose a variable or tag for that card? What happens if you do not enter a date?
It seems to be strange, if you cannot just turn on sleep mode. If you can just turn sleep mode on, but the idea of @Arie_J_Godschalk is not applicable, then you can just turn it on and start a timer so that in one week you can turn off again when the timer stops. If there are still any issues, you really should contact the developer via github.